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UPDATE –  Official Results: Certificate of Election Results – Brighton 2014

Financial Statements (revenue and expenses) for 2014 Election Candidates

Citizens need to make time to get involved over the next days, weeks and months. The next municipal election will be a defining moment for our community and we can’t just sit back and hope that others will address our concerns. There have been many wasted opportunities in recent years for a variety of reasons. Many opportunities have been lost due to simple personality clashes and that is totally unacceptable.

We need and must demand professionalism and honesty from the candidates. We need to elect candidates that are not only capable of this, but also represent our values as individuals and our values as a community. Stay informed, participate and together WE will achieve the positive change that so many of us are looking for! Start with two basic questions

1. Can they “do the job”?
2. Do they represent your values?

Come Election Day on October 27th 2014, it is very important to remember that although you can select up to six Councillors, make sure that you only vote for those that you know can represent your interests with professionalism and integrity. If there are only four candidates that you feel can appropriately represent you, do not vote for six, only vote for the four. If you vote for six, then you are actually casting votes against the four that you want to be elected!

Some Municipal Election 2014 resources for Voters and Candidates. Know your rights and your obligations.

Ontario Ombudsman – Municipal Meetings

2014 Information for Candidates

2014 Brighton Municipal Elections Procedures

2014 Voters’ Guide for Ontario Municipal and School Board Elections

Municipal Elections Act, 1996

Municipal Act, 2001

Brighton Council Code of Conduct By-Law No. 029-2010

Brighton Procedural By-Law No. 097-2013


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