This system sends simultaneous alerts to advise our residents of emergency situations or hazards that could affect your health and safety (e.g. major fire, hazardous materials, or shelter-in-place/evacuation notice).  Self-registration allows you to ensure that you get the call, either on a landline, cell phone or by text.

Please follow the step by step instructions provided to ensure you create a User ID and PIN correctly and enter your personal information correctly.

Participation in the Emergency Notification System is not mandatory. Your information is secure and kept confidential and can be removed from the system upon request.  For more information call 613-475-1744.

Please register with us to receive important emergency alert messages. If you are already registered, please click here to update your information or to request that your verification email is resent.

Registration Links:

Rural link (for those that live in the rural area of the Municipality)

Urban link (for those that live in the urban area of the Municipality – generally the area from Huff Road in the west to Vicari Rd and Bonn Rd in the east, and from Presqu’ile Parkway in the south to Little Lake Rd and Whites Rd in the north)

Presqu’ile link (for those that live in the park past the park gates)


** For Business owners in Brighton – please ensure that you register twice (you will need two ID’s and two PIN’s), once for your residence and once for your business.  This will ensure that both your residence and business will have their civic addresses registered in case of an emergency.


Brighton Emergency Notification System self registration instructions

Brighton Emergency Notification System

Brighton Emergency Notification System


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