Financial Statements for Brighton Municipal Election Candidates 2014

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Financial Statements (income and expenses) for 2014 Election Candidates

Summary of Financial Statements for 2014 Election Candidates


Financial Statements for Brighton Municipal Election Candidates – 2014


The Financial Statement submitted by Ms. Cassin does not indicate that her campaign surplus was paid to the Municipality of Brighton. Failure to pay the surplus would place her in default of the Municipal Elections Act. The penalty for this default would make Ms. Cassin ineligible to run in the next Municipal Election.

In addition to the reporting of income and expenses, candidates are required to complete:

  • Schedule 1 – Contributions“, which include the names and addresses of contributors that contribute more  than $100
  • Schedule 2 – Fundraising and Activities
  • Auditor’s Report“, for those candidates that received contributions, or incurred expenses in excess of $10,000

This additional information was not provided in the document that I received from Deputy Clerk Kimmett, but I have requested this information and I will add it to this post once it has been received.