Notice of Motion moved by Councillor John Martinello and seconded by Councillor Mary Tadman

Whereas publicly available and timely records of meetings are a cornerstone of accountability and transparency;


Whereas all residents are not able to attend council meetings; and


Whereas a reasonable quality digital audio recorder costs approximately 100 dollars, is simple to operate and allows the upload (to a website) of a three hour meeting in approximately 3 1/2 minutes,


it is recommended that Council directs staff to purchase a digital audio recorder to be used to record the open portion of all council meetings. It is further recommended that staff record and post to the municipal website, within 24 hours of the completion of each meeting, the open portion of all council meetings starting with the June 16, 2014 council meeting.

This Notice of Motion was read at the May 20, 2014 Brighton Council meeting. The motion will be discussed and voted on at the next meeting of Council on June 2, 2014.

While some Brighton Councillors talk about improving accountability, transparency and communication, Councillors Martinello and Tadman are actually doing something about it!

Action speaks louder than words and we need more positive action from Brighton Council!