The comment that was made by Councillor Kerr is an old idiom

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I was copied on the following email dated January 27th, 2014. The email was sent to the Brighton Mayor and Councillors and at the request of Mr. Alexander Waddling it has been added to the Agenda of the next Brighton Council meeting on February 3rd.

The email was written in response to the comment from Councillor Craig Kerr, “I will say that this question is really posed in the same vein as the one, have you stopped beating your wife”.

Dear Mayor and Councillors of Brighton,


The population of Brighton, as I am to understand it, is 11,000 people and with that, half are women – a third of them survivors of violence*. That is 1,833 women who you work with, talk with, and love, that have been victimized. This does not point to the effect that this has to those around them; to their friends, their children who witness such acts, and the fear that they themselves carry.


The comment that was made on November 18th, 2013 by Councillor Kerr is an old idiom in response to when someone is asking a loaded question, and perhaps at one point was seen as being acceptable or common. The context for this is irrelevant however, as, regardless of the origin of the expression, this does not make it at all permissible. It effectively made light of a situation many women find themselves in, and in doing so, reduced their trauma to an anecdote.

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Integrity and transparency concerns in Brighton – Media reading newspapers looking for stories

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Is it just me or does it seem like real news and investigative journalism is being replaced by editorial commentary for the purpose of entertainment? I came across the following article on the Huffington Post website,

Justin Trudeau Questioned About Poor Attendance Record

The Huffington Post article leads off with “According to the National Post” and then goes on to quote large sections of the National Post article.

Three things stand out here, with the first being the fact that Huff Post is reading the National Post looking for story ideas. The second is that they don’t even verify the facts, they just regurgitate the information from the original article. Thirdly, based on the National Post article the Huff Post opined that “As it turns out, Justin Trudeau is just not that into question period” and this is substantiated by the following quote from the Post article, “Trudeau missed 22 of 34 question periods since Oct. 16, while Prime Minister Stephen Harper skipped 19”. So by attending three more question periods, the PM is supposedly “into” QP, whereas Trudeau is not. At the end of the article there is a photo gallery titled “Trudeau Glam Shots“. I think that they call that “a slow news day”. All we need now is for the National Post to run an article on the Huff Post article and the circle will be complete!

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